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Date : 19th November 2018

as a studio we did a performance piece

Babak asked us to do a presentation… but not to do a presentation … im fed up with the uni constantly telling me how not to conform its irritating and patronising.

we started by planning it

i found talking as together all three of us was hard, we agreed on a performance piece

H wanted to attach long fingers or long hands and all play the piano at a distance

C was good 1 on 1 when planning slash talking about ideas but in the group she was quiet didnt want to impose or depose anyones ideas

D had a complex would run with an idea for a while then after a bit next day disregard it want to completely change it like shed got sick of it or was scared of it

i wanted to not plan just bring stuff and see what happend … see what we did

we met up a week before and agreed of just bringing stuff all doing out own thing see what happens , the night before D calls me saying she wanted to plan more aspects of wanted it to be good slash she was asking me to send any kind of audio i had to make some kind of sound work , i was at the pub , i dint send any

in the morning

we were back on the idea of just do what ever but planned aspects of it … i found a first ad box so planned that i would cut myself , d would bandage me up

music piece would play d wanted a few songs she had played that morning that we liked she would aslo drag up some barbies that where on string out the window

h would do her finger thing piano

c would paint on h and maybe read some scrip do some writing

we all had ideas of what might happen but didnt know when we would do them how we would or weather we even would

i might get naked \

im defintly gonna play the piano

ill try to cut my skin

ill call myself harloud sintag for no meaning

usually i wouldnt do something for no meaning but because of the way d was about art i was trying to do as much as possible with no meaning , not because in was trying to teach her art this idea that u shouldnt take art so seriously but ive just realised its because i do exactly the opposite to what others are doing around me . ive only just noticed this because when collaborating with mimi i push her to take her art more seriously , think of a concept before and execute it in an intellegent way but withd i was telling her the exact opposite ,its like im subconciously trying to push people to do somting there not comfortable with but why am i …  maybe becasuse when instructing an artist im instructing them to do somthing differnt from their art because there isnt one truth in art one good perfect goal point its differnt for each artist … now im thinking about what makes a peice of work good again ill do a blog post on that another time …

the peice went well people seemed genuinly shocked , there was a video and the video lost the general air in the from the video was to flat compaired the the experience ithink the reson why was because the video doesnt have the contex

the contex

at chelsea our big meet up and crits have been incredible fustrating , no real conversation back and fourth between same people , not really talking about anything … one moment so fustracting i screamed ill do a blog post on that

the session before some girls had set up a party in there studio the peice was lazy unimaginative and essentially reaaly dull i have a video of it which ill add a picture of that was imeadietly very fustrating people trying to babble a ameaning or a point about an unthoughtout work that was whipped up unconfidently and as soonas i critized it

this is a lazy peice of work

i agree with you

not confrenataion on backing of the work … tbh with the right artist behing the work it could have been very onteresting but the fact is the they didnt see the brillience in the work .

in our peice i told the veiwer i was harloud sintag a few time played the piano cried a little then took all my clothes of answerd the phone from c who called me talked about being late hung up stood up sliced a cross into my chest worshiped naked singing as d banaged me up

this m,oment i was truly in the work i screamed out and lost all of everything i was in a perfect moment forgetten the others just in the precence of the power of pushing your body against the social norms

i was shakeing

there was a relief like some out busrt of anger and fustration after it was done

they didnt talk

d said shes not going to be the first person to talk about it

finally they started talking , a discussion was formed , it was miles away fromanywhere i wanted to talk but i flowed i inputted then we got onto chelsea art school , the hipocrasy of it all and i was excited in a convosation , but it didnt last all that lasted is that people feel fore comfortable talking about art in a big group , but most people points they made where boring badly put together and eaisly understood and im really bad at undertanding questions ,ive got a incredable slow processer , every convostaion ive hand in the group of student has never got close to the kind of conversation i have out side rounf my dinner tabkle talking to manly non artists about art

ironoc isnt it




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