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Date : 12th October 2018

we where asked as a studio group to create an environment

our idea

record the crit before and play it back to them

we hid the speaker in the cealing in the corridor, asked them to wait outside our studio to get ready , as they waited in the corridor we played the last crit back to them.

I couldn’t have planned a better reaction, looking through the key hole we noticed after 5 mins they had all left , after running down to the studio they where all in and I said “ what the fuck you left before the end a bit disrespectful don’t you think” , they were pissed off . They initially said they where angry because we had recorded them without there permission, this doesn’t stand as we only played the recording back to esacltly the same people who had heard it earlier and they couldn’t assume that we would send it world wide because there would be no reason for that , secondary we worked out that because we left them in the corridor they felt we as a group where mocking them , this was never the intention , the only reason why they felt mocked was because they where embaressed about hearing them talk about their work . I feel like my tuoutor babbak set the tone , they all look up to him and if he felt like we where taking the piss they all incedently did also , that’s why they left early.

The people most pissed off where the people that spoke in the video

the two girls that spoke most left during the work not to be seen again after

My group started to essentially apologise for upsetting people .

We should not apologise for what the work became , they where the ones that set that environment, are intentions where never to mock more to think about critting a crit. They got upset cos they where Embarrassed about what they said

One girl said we where Nieave for not realising that the peice would do it

even if the purpose was to mock there is nothing worng with it , I’m surprised they aloud them self’s to feel mocked and let the peice be about them , they should step back and look at why they felt mocked and what does the peice day about that

not that I’m upset let’s leave

it made everyone think

everyone spoke about it afterwards

it was a brilliant peice


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