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Date : 20th February 2018

press me in my tation Bernice

i did my presentation a week ago 

i planed it in a couple days gathering everything i think i kind of think that i possibly do or know , but i’m not sure and put it all in a presentation or a press me in the tation 

i shall sum up my general practice and ideas 

if research is gathering info to produce a product then i gather my research from 2 areas this is because it works better for my practice and feels organic to me 

those two things are 


research in making 

this splits into two

there is research physically in making where you learn though trial and error 

and there is more abstractly research from within myself during making, this idea is that through making i’m constantly analysing my relationship to the piece physically and intertlectually , the more i learn and research in to my relationship with the developing piece the more i can understand how i practice and slip into a frame of mind where i see everything as a potential , this effects future pieces , as i consciously and unconsciously will be coming up with new ideas i could give multipul examples , put it also effects how i see and process thing in day to night today to tonight  life, this brings me onto my second type of research 


research through experiences 

this is a little more transparent but all this is is the because of how i now look at everything as a potential consciously and subconsciously i can draw pieces from the monday to friday day tp day life 


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