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Date : 20th February 2018

i broke two laptops in one night 

i had to get a load out and work over time to pay the 1200 pound fix on one

unfortunately they couldn’t save mine 

its all on a hard drive that was 250 quid 

i have no laptop 

here are my sketch book pages over the last couple weeks.

early candle sketches.

As i stared a the candle by my bed (light has broken) lying in bed a little stoned i noticed the was was higher on one side .

i realise i i tilted it it would burn the tall side down but replace the wax on the opposite shorter side .

i then wondered i thy rotate it will it constantly be burning one side and layering the other creating a fan shape .

this i soon discovered through a number of experiments with just tilting the candle myself that was not possible the wax needed to be incased on a removable wall to give its shape 

here is a visual representation of my brain working this all out and how im going to do it .


here is a story board for the film i’ve been planning , i start filming tomorrow.

this is the initial plans for my presentation , you can see throughout i dampen the fire of my arrogance and make my ideas more specific through multipul plans on the presentation.


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