Category : sketch book one
Date : 29th January 2018

Henry’s Monologue

Beauty is in the perfect circle of the never recovered path

Beauty is the blooded foot of a once shoe-wearing rat, treading deeper in his tread

Happiness is in the blooded feet of Mrs Troffea who began to dance fervently in a street in Strasbourg

She, unlike the once shoe-wearing rat, was joined by her fellows

Six days

Four hundred people with twelve thousand eight hundred teeth danced to the end of the never ending path

Most were women; I am a man

I am a man who can close my eyes to protect them from blinding light

Let there be light; light to give sight and light to take sight

Let there be blue rays of light that wake me, not from sleep but from not-sleep

Not-sleep like running through people running through you

Not-sleep like spanking a mudded wet foot against an unpaved road or slapping your itching arm across your boneless body

Body of a man: one rib. Body of a woman:

One rib, one rib

One rib of many bones, many bones made to hold my canvas skin from breaking in

Oh how I wish it to collapse like the tent i erected on the moor with my father  

Father who art in, father who is not in, father whose hand I grab at when my ear is pressed to the bloody ground

Father whose hand does not exist, yet father whose hand I grab

Grabbing is all I can, as my feet have failed from the dance

The six day dance

The four hundred people dance with twelve thousand eight hundred teeth dance

I don’t not believe, as to believe is to grab

So I shall not grab like the weak and the dumb, the sheep and the rats

As i am a God, not a godder

A God of the rats

God of the dancing women

And God of the grabbing hands that scramble with short claws around the well trodden path

I have long claws, claws that could slice the canvas on tent poles

Claws that could snap any moment; weak and brittle like the hypocritical boy telling his father he was cold

Cold like the stone that beats in my ribs

Ribs like the one I spared for Eve

Eve who doesn’t exist

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