Category : sketch book one
Date : 26th January 2018

three main things shon out to me through this seminar


while watching everyone scribble down names and dates of artitsts and work it uccored to me why dont i want to do this , firstly because thoese thing bore me , well what do i want to scribble down then ?(retorical question) what i find is that at the moment is that i am striving to be a full time practicing artist and the only way im going to be able to do that is to be sucsessfull and what leads to sucsess is a multitude of things but primaraly its essentially how good you are if your the best artist in london you will do will , if your shit your shit and will have to get a normal person job, now how that links to the point im “trying” to make it that as artists and dates dont excitet me concepts do and if i can grasp as many concepts and idiiooglys as possible to steal re use and re create than thats been well worth mty while , the beauti of a concept is its very eaisy to steal and make it look astheticall original as the the asthetic will be made by me originally on a reused concept , this is what i call “fuck the datey dates im a concept robber and you will never know” in short i dont write down names and numbers because they bore me i write down consepts, at the end i put “shit i forgot about me dis” this is refrencing the disitation i have to write in third year where it is esentiall to have refremces to pass … i shall cross that ugly bridge when i shal cross it when i shall come to it when i have to cross it amen.


i understood for the first time why maths is in everything , it blew my mind while talikng about formulaic form .


when morris and my other art profits talk about their definition in definitionsof what essentially art is or form or what ever you want to call it , why they argue with each other about whos right and this is how it should be and this is what form is and this is how you should express form … then i worked it out they where coming out a time when art had a definition and walls around it and where sloly breaking out of it to the atmosferic form of what i thing art is… un difinable and never wrong nor right a beautiful thing that noone shoulfd ever try and put there finger on , there is nothing like it and tats why i love it . 



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