Category : sketch book one
Date : 24th January 2018

part one – filming starts next week

abstract static tv scene filmed on phone

smooth contrast to static artificial edit

part two – start filming in two weeks

scene one- lighting is two tvs and three phone lights

  • henrys face filmed on camera 30mm lens close shot , short focus , soft back
  • cinematic smooth slow track out during prayer
  • continue cinematic smooth slow track out during prayer children join in
  • wide shot cut to stop motion prayer stop
  • as henry leaves room in stop motion furniture moves round him and phone lights
  • camera follows him into black out out door

part two- start filming in two weeks

  • fade out black shot fade in tracking shot dark scene
  • spotlight on henry monolog starts (henry running toward camera) wide shot filmed on go pro
  • cut shots to henry throwing up using 30mm close shot
  • cut shots to feet running using standard lens
  • cut shots to go pro footage on tv
  • cut shots to go pro running (monolog cut short when henry trips)
  • cut shot to floor as head bounces of tarmac slow mo filmed on phone each tarmac hit results and bell ring lots of reverb
  • monolog finish on close shot of head eyes open eyes close monolog fades out
  • fade in part one static tv shot over layed with monolog cut up and distorted

part three – exactly the same as part two but cut on finished prayer


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