Category : sketch book one
Date : 18th January 2018


I want the film to discuss a two major themes.

The Monotony of life


  • Why people turn to god in moments of despiration
  • Is god just a false hope created to give us a purpose

The film is made up of three parts

Part one : distresing digital sounds acomanied buy a static tv over layed with henrys face , contrasting with cut shot of smooth white and silent. Builds in intencity until cut shot to black .

Part two : black screen for a few seconds before a sputter of tears interups hum of a tv in the backround , cut shot on splutter to a blooded distressed henrys face on floorlit by static tv  , camera shot upside down .

Henry is muttering a school prayer through wimpers (latin) as camera pulls out of face a children choir can be heard muttering the same paryer of the top of his .

Camera shot pulls out to reveal the the tv shining on his face and the distressed room he is in , a few naked bodys in back drop , covered but crap only lighing in room is light coming from mutiple screens in the room  transition to the camera pulling out but in stop motion not smooth cinima pull out during stop motion henry gets out and leaves the room (during this the room is moved about between each still to give the effect of the room moving)

Part three : tracking running shot ; i shall film henry nunning by attaching a go pro to the back of my bike , running interupted by throwing up , lighting is spotlight in dark , throughout this mono log is being read over the top , henry trips , hits his head cut shot to scocodelic type ditrssing shot mixed with part on builds in intensity then cut shot two part two repete scene then cut when the prayer finishes

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