Category : sketch book one
Date : 23rd November 2017

i am 99 percentage on fini , all i need to do is change the glove to a more rubbery glove that will give me a big old spank . here is a brief follow up on what happend practically.

i changed it alot from the original plan :

  1. the mechanism is far more simplified than the original plan. using rubber on rubber is obviously far more simple than trying to get the mechanisms pins to line up .
  2. i didn’t end up cutting the bike in half because its original structure worked and i didn’t want to be unnecessarily cutting bits off , so i kept as much as i could
  3. i looked into casting my hand but all the rubbers would be far to heavy and agressive and would genuinely be dangerous
  4. i had alot of trouble initially with the swinging arm because nothing could hold it on when it cycled fast , but that was the problem when ever u tested it i peddled it full pace meaning the big wheel was going quickly making a smaller wheel going even quicker making the hand come round and hit me far to fast and the whole mechanism and bike would start to shake and everything loose.
  5. i plan to sit on it for a duration of an hour or so to really make a mark on my face .
  6. im well happy with the outcome , now to continue on my secret project .

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