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Date : 14th November 2017

whatson at the white cuboide (?)

since living in Peckham the white cube in Bermondsey has been my local gallery . I’ve been so impressed every time i have gone there is a good show . the one i’m talking about in writing on my blog had these three artist only one of which id heard of before CERITH WYN EVANS – DAMIAN ORTEGA – ANN VERONICA JANSSENS . 

To start with i shall start with the start on the gallery in the first room. id heard of Cerith once before doing his series of chandelier sculptures transforming them into flickering morse code . i upon my first glance across this hanging sculpture i ignorantly didn’t like it , in art id seen this continues line aesthetic before and passed it off , but is i cricled my prey the sculpture changed and evolved and grew and shrunk in my sight every foot anti clockwise manipulated this organ in a new way and tossed my previous idea right down the hall out the big glass doors. i spent the next five minutes circling its everchanging body trying to grasp its form , cetain things caught my suspicion

  1. it appeared to look like the top half mimicked the bottom half
  2. it showed a movement a process ?
  3. long exposure car headlights in a crash ?
  4. a visual representation of music?

a second wave of opinion tickled me as i wandered out the building having passed it to get to the exit .i felt it was a step down from his morse code work i previously mentioned , the chandlers where packed with conceptual meat


  1. symbol of material wealth that transmits morse code .


yet i felt this lacked conceptually , but aesthetically , it was a very strong piece .

next –

DAMIAN ORTEGA id never seen Damian before and i LIKEd him a lot , he reminded me of the artist Brad Phillips that i looked at very briefly in my last post , with his subtle dry humour mixed with a juicy little concept . his aesthetic was very scientific with lots of diagrams and science related aesthetics like that planet like balls and perfectly accurate sculptures and pictures of diagrams and science type shit .this piece i LIKED above the writing in the format of a photo on my laptop or in  a sense your laptop if it is not me reading this which it potentially might be the case , any way i LIKEd it a lot, i punches you in the face twice , initially with a laugh then a ‘SERIOUS’ thought

punch one

laugh. why i laugh ? well because of the play in the two meanings of the word perspective accompanied with a siencfuckic diagram jucktisposed with weird little people in it wich make it very unscientific , isnt that funny and cleaver i like having to work on a joke in my head before it punches me right in the giggle.

punch two

a seeeeeerious thought . why a serious thought ? made me think about why i think what i think , my perspective on things change the whole time at the moment because of the natural cause of brain development in puberty . but if i where to show a few things in my life that changed my perspective , i feel this digram kind of does that , it follows me to think who has the right perspective , no one ? jesus ? me ? i suppose thats why no one can every agree on anything in this world because of all our different perpectives on the world , makes me think about




i LIKEd this




i have made a mental note to take notes at agallery and write up ameadietly after as fast forward 4 days and im scrammbling my big big brain to find out what i though about her work other that i fucking liked it . i could just talk about them now looking at the pictures i had but i feel thats not a honest reveiw as particually for her work what was stricking was being in the presence of them i wan to do a recorded vocal and go back and stand in front of them again , i feel that would do them far more justice rather then just shitting usless empty words on them on a blog of loo. so too be continued dot dot dot

yours articually



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