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Date : 8th November 2017

Alejandro Jodorowsky a very holy mountain

.avent-garde film .

having recently watched this utter masterpeice i left it feeling “inspired” , i was blown aback by the sheer vastness of it , id never encountered such an experimental film with such a huge budget . for me it had the perfect balance of watchable yet loose story line , great asthetic shots combined beautiful colours and perfectly planned incredably moving , provocing and concepually very strong scenes , i was really impressed to say the least.

each small segment of the film could eiselly stand on its own as a very sucsessful peice , i couldnt get my head round how it all could be in just one film …

… i plan to make a film , no budget , no actors just me and my partner Mimi Whiteway.

i feel it follows our performances perfectly ,


the plan :

  1. to start with there is NO story line planned (i want that to develop naturally) , we are going to start with random experimental short scenes involving either one of us and just keep creating until something starts to evolve , they will all be considered there own piece until we start the glueing process.
  2. i understand this is going to take a seriously long time so i don’t want to set an end date i just want to have it continuously ongoing throughout my other work (if i were to set an date id like it to exibit at the final show of my third year at chelsea.
  3. i want to constantly be working on it and try and complete a scene a week as a target , no pressure on time can allow it to flower naturally and develop with us over the three years , through different styles both in editing and the way we look.
  4. i plan to film it on a number of different cameras adding to the evolving effect
  5.  it needs to be watchable so it is vital for a story to evolve , i plan to write the story as it goes and as different scenes and  inspirations effect it it shall change.
  6. i shall give updates on it the this blog as much as it evolve
  7. I SHALL START TOMORROW                 –                 THURSDAY THE 9TH OF NOVEMBER 2017



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