Category : sketch book one
Date : 30th October 2017

bruce lacey is a simple man.

in reference to this video

while doing research for ‘spank me in the face bike’ i found bruce . bruce makes interactive sculptures using junk and his aesthetic is simular to my upcoming work. The reson im writing this post is not to comment on his work but more his attitude . its utterly refreshing to stumble across a self proclaim ‘simple man’ artist hes not worried about asthetic or even concept he just creates , and yet looked through the lence as an artist his work is strong in concept and asthetic . it just brings up the incredible interesting point that the artist can never make art , the art is in the eye of the veiwer , you could look at anything litterly anything and if you where under the impression it was placed here for a concepual reason then you make the art on it , it makes me think for this to be possible all art must be taken seriosly in the sense that it was made or placed here for a reason and is there a meaning behind that reason . but what allows us to seperate art from just everthing else and i think that is the gallery walls litturally and  in your head . i need to have a big think and chat about this then will update with a bruce is a simple man part two

yours thoughprovocingly

tiger xxx

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