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Date : 30th October 2017

brockenhurst and sons my art collective

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me and two others created brockenhurst and sons for the purpose of a name to go to the mystery of the people behind HMLTD’s (band) famous set designs , we where fed up of the press making up rumours about who made the sets. all it started out as was a collaborator with HMLTD and HMLTD only on their set designs , but as its progressed i have done a couple tour videos in its name and we plan to expand out of the grasp of hmltd to do our own experimental nights filled with music performance pieces and elaborate set designs .

we have just completed our biggest set design yet at Electric ballroom in Camden , as the shows become bigger and bigger the sets become more difficult , the health and safty becomes stricter resulting in alot of restrictions .

nothing flammable

no duct tape

no nails

fire proof everything

nothing by the lights / on the speakers

we are slowly working out how to manouver through these restrictions .


THEME was dantes infefno ,the mask represent lost souls and the tights represents lost limbs , 100 of the sculptures got scrapped due to flammability

what was sucsessfull was our business prostitute cards in the toilet , people tore the masks off the wall and wore them on the back off their heads so the crowd faced both ways , naked performance piece and the projection we made



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