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Date : 18th October 2017

potential music band  –

i have started the early discussions with a acquaintance of mine (following the break up of his band) on the possibility of starting a music band .

here are my thoughts on the direction aesthetic and sound i want the band to ooze.

sound –

Gotye – State Of The Art


  • Gotye and constructive corporation style beat/music – broken up experimental beat with narration style singing
  • Benjamin style singing ,like old french songs more emphasis on the vocals as its own instrument .


i started writing on some stuff as quickly as possible because i dont want to think too much about it as i trust my instincts and think its dangourous to dwell , also i have a very short attention span so this technige suits me very well . i attached my three songs on the ‘slide show’ . the two on the lamp shade where done as a product of a poetry competition i did with my girlfriend in five minuets two short poems , i won .


i have attached pictures on the slide show of what i want the bands aesthetic to be .

i shall be documenting further on this ‘piece’ of work once more progress has been made

yours experimentally



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