Category : sketch book one
Date : 10th October 2017

Spank me in the face bike :

coming off the back of ‘painting my blood with my hair ” machine naturally my train of thought has continued along the collaboration of performance and mechanical sculpture  , this time i wanted to become a moving part in the sculpture in a less subtle but more raw way.

initial sketch done during lecture :

more detailed sketch done at home :

the logistics of this work are explained ‘slash’ suggested in the ‘more detailed sketch done at home’ but i dont want to write in detail my initial concept ideas yet, because if this develops to the making process i dont want it to fall into the preconfigured groves of a concept , i want it to as it develops physically develop conceptually as mistakes are made and things are changed , i essentially want to try to develop this piece as organically as possible because i like it .

potential mechanism A & inspiration for the hand that shall slap thou face .

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