Category : sketch book one
Date : 19th November 2018

i met tom and james in the street they wanted me to be in a asmall part of a doc they where making about norfolk

documentary style some hired actors

it went really well , we got on really well and turned from their peice to collaboration by the second day

im gonna work with them alot more got some big ideas

interveiw on ID




change of plan

Category : sketch book one
Date : 19th November 2018

spoke to babak

he said every thrid year shoiw has a hut in the garden and theb tate thing angles my work to much makes you think ofhb here we go again in know what ive got here .. and hes esactly right

new plan

music work

Category : sketch book one
Date : 19th November 2018

a while back  i had an idea to do a short music work in collabortaion with one of my music peices it was going to be about faith and worship but in a raw real manner

ive started it

here are notes 

i plan on releasing it in two ways

the first more prevalent way the music i make will be made up of three sections maybe three songs but will be blureed together into one 10 to 15 min peice to be combined with video

second will be conventual music release songs on ep in music platorms

i want to plan a film with tom and james who i did norfolk project with to blur the lines between oprea,  music video, short film documenrty im picturing this confusing video beautifly filmed with acnowledgement of the camera breaking into singing and very normal short film documenrty vibes , something simular to how the music played out (confusing out of the normal musical structure)

the story of a man who wants to be a monk will be the basic frame for the film

it has a cover in the middle of a song

its going to be fantastic i can feel it in my balls

cross on the floor

Category : sketch book one
Date : 19th November 2018

the photos are before i broke my wrist , i made it using only wood and nails i found round the uni , this was incedably difficult partiually reusing old nails all where bent and broken .

i got new nails and 100 percent progress happened in a day

its the bottom half of a two part piece

i tried stabbing myself lightly with a needle in the same spot and its like tourcher incredably painfull with not much show exactly what i dont need i need lots of show less pain , sketches inculde a alternative 


ill and wrist

Category : sketch book one
Date : 19th November 2018

ive broken my wrist skating-boarding so work on my sculptrue cross of the floor has stopped for a few weeks

i also got really ill thew up for 20 hours the week after

havnt been able to make any thing

here is a serius of sketches plans and work i can do while throwing up on my broken wrist

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