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Jesuss crucifixion sculpture

Category : sketch book one
Date : 13th March 2018

I have finished this bloody thing.

having realised the dish I bought for 15 pounds sterling  and started to make would be far to heavy for the shitty little motor I bought for 30  pound sterling .

I decided just to use the old lamp shade .

i welded the screw on.

Cut the fucking candle to fit in the new small lampshade .

cut the lamp shade in half so I can remove from wax sculpture easily

i used an imbedded screw thing

put it on a stand






Candle rotation right now

Category : sketch book one
Date : 12th March 2018

From the first photo to the last photo you can see my process and progress , I got the candles . It started well everything went to the on planning plan then just as I fitted it all together I realised the dish will be too heavy for the talk on the motor particularly because of the angle


Category : sketch book one
Date : 27th February 2018




i have also sent the website to some potential customers as business recently has been a little slow 

Feb 26th Critical artists making critical art for critical audiences? (Ben Fitton)

Category : sketch book one
Date : 27th February 2018

Feb 26th   Critical artists making critical art for critical audiences?  (Ben Fitton)

The subject of the lecture was very interesting and it really got my big brain washing the dishes resulting in a few new ideas , im afraid Ben Fitton couldn’t help himself constantly impregnate me with his political penis throughout which distracted from the subject at my hand and screamed unprofeshionalitly in my small minded opinion .

i don’t mind political preferences in a talk but when its so one sided and constantly unessasy it gets tedious.

here are my notes from it in the blue biro writing .

i shall run through key notes on this page above my head 

on the left hand page at the bottom i write (how do you mesure if its good or not if there is no definition) for this i was referencing to what modern art is , it struck me in a convosation the other day that their does kind of need to be a clear definition of what art is so we can decide what good art is and what bad art is.  Thats why every one is alway arguing what their definition of art is (i mention down in the blog that i was confused why every one was arguing about what art is).

my answer would be : 

like many things in this world things have moved from the material to immaterial , with art this is from asthetic to concept , a good well thoughtout concept and idea holds greater value than a pretty picture . this brings me back to the subject that is why it is essential to crit and discuss the concepts behind peices as this is where we will decide whether its good or not .

this is where my first stronger idea came from 

on the second page half way down i have an idea with a . big biro star. i front of it . 

the idea is that instead of allowing people to discuss what it could be about and draw their own experiences into the piece i want to ignore the influence of the viewer and literally tell them what to think in plain basic black and white english esacltly what the work is about , dont give them any thought to think other than yourself. of course this is a paradox because they will think about the concept behind having the plak behind the work telling them what to think, that is where i shall adress this issue and tell them not to think about the concept behind the plac as their is none. 

the diagram above this is how many people where not listening and on their phones manly on instgram scrolling and how many people left before the questions at the end the irony is is that as i was making this i wasnt listening so i have a cross.

my second idea is on the third page below . this one im not as keen on as i feel many people have done it before me but its simply just to write my ideas and not make as to write can also be to claim … this i dont hink is thatstrong because i feel when exicuting your work many benfits can happen. 

this lectrue was an essentiual partv of internal research , as i didnt listen to much as i was thinking and writing down ideas as i absorbed areas of the talking when it cam up .

press me in my tation Bernice

Category : sketch book one
Date : 20th February 2018

press me in my tation Bernice

i did my presentation a week ago 

i planed it in a couple days gathering everything i think i kind of think that i possibly do or know , but i’m not sure and put it all in a presentation or a press me in the tation 

i shall sum up my general practice and ideas 

if research is gathering info to produce a product then i gather my research from 2 areas this is because it works better for my practice and feels organic to me 

those two things are 


research in making 

this splits into two

there is research physically in making where you learn though trial and error 

and there is more abstractly research from within myself during making, this idea is that through making i’m constantly analysing my relationship to the piece physically and intertlectually , the more i learn and research in to my relationship with the developing piece the more i can understand how i practice and slip into a frame of mind where i see everything as a potential , this effects future pieces , as i consciously and unconsciously will be coming up with new ideas i could give multipul examples , put it also effects how i see and process thing in day to night today to tonight  life, this brings me onto my second type of research 


research through experiences 

this is a little more transparent but all this is is the because of how i now look at everything as a potential consciously and subconsciously i can draw pieces from the monday to friday day tp day life 


i broke two laptops in one night

Category : sketch book one
Date : 20th February 2018

i broke two laptops in one night 

i had to get a load out and work over time to pay the 1200 pound fix on one

unfortunately they couldn’t save mine 

its all on a hard drive that was 250 quid 

i have no laptop 

here are my sketch book pages over the last couple weeks.

early candle sketches.

As i stared a the candle by my bed (light has broken) lying in bed a little stoned i noticed the was was higher on one side .

i realise i i tilted it it would burn the tall side down but replace the wax on the opposite shorter side .

i then wondered i thy rotate it will it constantly be burning one side and layering the other creating a fan shape .

this i soon discovered through a number of experiments with just tilting the candle myself that was not possible the wax needed to be incased on a removable wall to give its shape 

here is a visual representation of my brain working this all out and how im going to do it .


here is a story board for the film i’ve been planning , i start filming tomorrow.

this is the initial plans for my presentation , you can see throughout i dampen the fire of my arrogance and make my ideas more specific through multipul plans on the presentation.


my first edit for henrys mono loggo

Category : sketch book one
Date : 29th January 2018

Henry’s Monologue

Beauty is in the perfect circle of the never recovered path

Beauty is the blooded foot of a once shoe-wearing rat, treading deeper in his tread

Happiness is in the blooded feet of Mrs Troffea who began to dance fervently in a street in Strasbourg

She, unlike the once shoe-wearing rat, was joined by her fellows

Six days

Four hundred people with twelve thousand eight hundred teeth danced to the end of the never ending path

Most were women; I am a man

I am a man who can close my eyes to protect them from blinding light

Let there be light; light to give sight and light to take sight

Let there be blue rays of light that wake me, not from sleep but from not-sleep

Not-sleep like running through people running through you

Not-sleep like spanking a mudded wet foot against an unpaved road or slapping your itching arm across your boneless body

Body of a man: one rib. Body of a woman:

One rib, one rib

One rib of many bones, many bones made to hold my canvas skin from breaking in

Oh how I wish it to collapse like the tent i erected on the moor with my father  

Father who art in, father who is not in, father whose hand I grab at when my ear is pressed to the bloody ground

Father whose hand does not exist, yet father whose hand I grab

Grabbing is all I can, as my feet have failed from the dance

The six day dance

The four hundred people dance with twelve thousand eight hundred teeth dance

I don’t not believe, as to believe is to grab

So I shall not grab like the weak and the dumb, the sheep and the rats

As i am a God, not a godder

A God of the rats

God of the dancing women

And God of the grabbing hands that scramble with short claws around the well trodden path

I have long claws, claws that could slice the canvas on tent poles

Claws that could snap any moment; weak and brittle like the hypocritical boy telling his father he was cold

Cold like the stone that beats in my ribs

Ribs like the one I spared for Eve

Eve who doesn’t exist

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